On Road

Vipal’s Street line offers perfect tires for your motorcycle to travel many kilometers with high efficiency. With 15% superior resistance over the competition, our products are designed especially for urban use. The plies that form our tires contain a higher quantity of thicker nylon threads than other models in the market.

In practice, you have a tire that is more resistant to holes and other damage that can occur in daily driving. The urban tires line caters to motorcycles with low displacement - with ST200, ST300 and ST400 tires - and medium displacement - with tubeless ST500 tires.

Featured products

The VIPAL ST200 is a tire created for urban use, for drivers at the wheel for long periods of time making quick movements in tight spaces, providing agility in maneuvers and excellent drivability.

The VIPAL ST300 is a tire developed specifically for facing the severe conditions of daily city driving, providing agility in maneuvers and excellent drivability.

The Vipal ST400 has a tread with sport design, enabling increased stability on curves and greater safety for the driver. It also offers superior mileage efficiency.

To face the challenges, rely on a tire than rolls right over them.