Motorcycle Tires - The streets are our laboratory

Alongside motorcyclists, the Vipal Motorcycle Tires division has learned to overcome various bumps in the road for those who experience it on two wheels. From potholes to terrible weather conditions, the obstacles are many. It is therefore crucial to be able rely on the resistance of tires. Focused on this range of needs, the Vipal Motorcycle Tires division works to create the ideal product for the most demanding motorcyclists.

Our Motorcycle Tires have been in the market since 2012, ensuring resistance, performance and savings. Every new product created by Vipal Rubber has given us the experience to design more resistant and durable tires, which take your motorcycle much farther. Aside from the traditional quality, the company is synonymous with innovation on all continents. The knowledge we have acquired in research is combined with the daily tests by thousands of motorcyclists riding on Vipal Motorcycle Tires.

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