Industrial Line

Here you will learn more about the range of industrial products developed to ensure the highest quality repairs, reducing maintenance time. With solutions that offer safety and savings, we ensure full productivity of your machines.

This product intensifies Extraforte Vipafix Cement cristalization and the bonded surface´s heat resistance. Available in 30 and 60 minute versions, enables programmed equipment shutdowns, reducing maintenance service time and costs.

This cleaner is excellent for removing grease from metal and rubber surfaces, eliminating impurities which impair adhesion. In the retread process, it is indicated its use before applying bead repairs and inside of the tire, to clean the region and activate the rubber surface.

Vipal´s repair strips line speeds up repairs on conveyor belts and provides a seamless finish on repaired surfaces. Covers imperfections and protects the repair.

This cement reticulates by way of metallic oxides which bond materials together.